A Detailed Study of the Medicare Supplement plans

The modernization in the field of healthcare has resulted in an improvement of the standard of care but in turn, increased the expense of the healthcare facility. The expense is so high that people need assistance from insurance to pay for these expenses. But, people must understand that having one Original Healthcare will not be sufficient to cover all the expenses of the healthcare facility.

Coverage provided by Medicare Supplement plans:

There are certain expenses like deductibles, copayments, and coinsurances which are not covered by the Insurance and we need additional Medicare Supplement plans to cover that expense. The original insurance provides expense for 60 days of hospital stay and following that period people need to copay the expenses and if that hospital stay crosses the 150 days mark, the entire insurance gets finished.

A person suffering from a terminal illness may need to stay in the hospital for more than 60 days and this can create a lot of financial tension on him which makes the Medicare Supplement plans even more important.


Working of the Medigap:

The work of a Medicare Supplement plans is very simple. This plan supplements the additional expenses that the Original Medicare does not cover. But a person must hold an Original Insurance in order to become eligible for the Medicare Supplement plans. These plans only help in assisting the original insurance and cannot perform alone.

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People often confuse Medigap Plan with Medical Advantage Plan but both are in reality quite different. The medical advantage plan enhances the medical care for a person whereas Medicare Supplement plans only helps in supplementation. A person cannot hold both these plan at the single time frame. If a person wishes to purchase The Medigap Plan and is already covered under the Medical Advantage Plan must let the active run its validity or drop the plan to purchase Medicare Supplement plans.

The Medigap Plans are sold by private insurance agencies and each of this agency follow different pricing pattern. There is a period known as a medical supplement enrollment period when a person can buy the Medigap Plan. The period begins on the first day of the month person turns 65 or more and last for a 6 month period. There are certain states in the USA where the 65-year criteria are no longer applicable and people of lower age group can also come under this protection plan.